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Longhorn steer shipped by rail to Kansas City in 1924. Placed in the quarantine section to inspect for tick fever. An old mature steer, perhaps 15 years old. Weighed 710 pounds. Sold for 6 cents a pound to the Cudahy Packing Co., where he was killed by the hammer. Horns hung in the office of Cassidy Southwestern Commission Co. from 1924-1972, a firm for whom my dad bought cattle. 4 feet 9 inches, tip to tip. One of the classic early-day Longhorn shapes.

A website dedicated in pictures and text to the study of the horns of Texas cattle, early steer horn furniture and related items, beginning from the days of trail drives and into the 1930's. This learning center is devoted to educating interested parties about authentic, historically-correct Texas Longhorn cattle and their horns.
Here you will learn about the sizes, shapes & colors of the horns of bulls, steers and cows with interesting facts about the Longhorn's history, the Old West, cowboys and trail drives.

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Mounted in Chicago
Early 1890's

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Early Texas Steer
Latter 1880's

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Texas Made
Beveled Glass Mirror

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Unusual Horn Growth 1930's - 1940's

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Convention Banner 1880's

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Horn Furniture

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Superior Example of the Corkscrew Twist.   Steer of the 1880's. 
Probably Born the Early 1870's.

PedestalHorn.jpg (231400 bytes)
1890's Horn Decorated by Alan Rogers

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The Buckhorn Saloon
San Antonio   c. 1915

Texas Steer.jpg (884754 bytes)
Texas Steer


Longhorn Museum's Learning Center
Throughout this site, enhancing the photos, Alan Rogers has included fascinating facts about Texas Longhorns.
The Learning Center gives an indepth look at topics such as these:

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Learn about Alan Rogers   CLICK HERE
Horn chairs
NOTICE! Confusion About Horn Chairs Made By Wenzel Friedrich, Charles Puppe & William Mittmann  CLICK HERE
Horn chairs 
Horn tables 
Horn hatracks 
Horn furniture and horn veneer: How it is made and some known makers   CLICK HERE
Herman Metz and his horn furniture displayed at the 1904 World's Fair   CLICK HERE
The world's largest-known piece of horn furniture    CLICK HERE
Albert Friedrich, Wenzel Friedrich, the Buckhorn and Billie Keilman's Horn Palace   CLICK HERE 
Horn Galleries: Photos of old steer horns   CLICK HERE
Cattlemen's banner   CLICK HERE
Champion: The famous steer and his horns, said to be over 9 feet wide.  Learn the truth about him! CLICK HERE
Bobcat Twister: Longhorn steer and rodeo star    CLICK HERE
Photos of old Longhorn cattle (steers, bulls and cows)  CLICK HERE 


The Largest Known Piece of Horn Furniture
A Masterpiece of Horn Veneer    --   Displayed at the 1904 World's Fair

MetzDresser.jpg (1745330 bytes)

8 feet 3 1/2 inches tall ... 5 feet 10 inches wide

This impressive dresser is one of several pieces displayed at the 1904's World's Fair in St. Louis.

It was made by Herman Metz, a St. Joseph, MO fireman who made horn pieces as a hobby.

During the height of the horn furniture craze, dozens of individuals across the United States made something of horn.

On this site you can learn about horn furniture, some of its makers, and see representative pieces. Click on the links below for more information.

To learn more about Herman Metz and this dresser, click here.


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