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Horn Furniture - Hatracks
Hatracks made from cattle horns were very popular in the Victorian Age.
They ranged from small to large, from plain to intricate.
The earliest known hatrack appeared at a New Jersey fair in 1867 and was made from buffalo horns.
Below are a few examples.


MetzHatrack.jpg (23699 bytes)
Herman Metz Hatrack

The Herman Metz buffalo horn hatrack is possibly the most splendid hatrack ever made. Metz shaped bows and human hands from horn. He added rosettes and pockets of horn, and 46 hand-carved horn acorns.

A classic piece of American folk art!

To see this piece in more detail and to learn more about the Herman Metz collection, click here.

collection 051.jpg (1161383 bytes)
Beveled Glass Heart-Shaped Mirror  Texas Made
Information leads me to think this hatrack may be an item from the Buckhorn, but I can't prove it, yet.  The Buckhorn would often use existing items and add horns to them. This mirror has the section of horn with a cutout star and quarter moon, which is a nearly identical decoration as is found on my halltree which was purchased in south Texas and which we also suspect to be a Buckhorn item.

HatrackHuge.jpg (181988 bytes)
Massive Hatrack.
Horns have brass tips.
One of two identical hatracks in this collection. On a thick walnut shield whose horns are larger than are found on most horned mirrors.



StarHatrack.jpg (132323 bytes)
Star Hatrack with Round Mirror.
Made of Oak.




collection 014.jpg (1772745 bytes)
Buffalo Hatrack from Goldsoll & Sons, a Kansas City Stockyards Commission Firm

LeavenworthHatrack.jpg (464367 bytes)
Leavenworth, Kansas Hatrack.
Mounted 1892.

HatrackFringe.jpg (147875 bytes)
Hatrack of buffalo horns and
trimmed with decorative fringe.

IndianHatrack.jpg (354353 bytes)
An example of an Alan Rogers' Hatrack.
With horns from the 1890's and the 1930's.
Decorated with a raised and colorful Indian chief.

BuffaloCowRack.jpg (1089230 bytes)
Buffalo and Cattle Horn Arrangement
of the 1890's.
During the traildriving days and into the early 1900's, the making of items from horn reached a high popularity. Furniture companies added a sideline of horn furniture. Individuals, some on a large and others on a small scale, began to make chairs, tables, halltrees, hatracks and other items from cattle and buffalo horns. As thousands of horned cattle were shipped to various markets, their horns became available and were made use of by individuals wanting to have a part in the current horn fad. The finished products were as varied as the imagination of the makers.


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