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Horn Tables
To accompany chairs made of cattle and buffalo horn,
many horn tables were made.  Some were covered in cloth,
and some incorporated various types of wood.


HornTable.jpg (197690 bytes)
Made in 1929. Horns from the Kansas City Stockyards. Cattle killed at Armour and Company. From a Kansas City estate sale.

TableInlay.jpg (458923 bytes)
1920's.  8 horns.
Inlaid wood.
Top lifts off.

Horn Table Red.jpg (986645 bytes)
Tables are less common than horn chairs. Seen here is an 1880's creation with an upper and lower shelf. Covered in cloth with fringe, common features in the making of horn furniture during the Victorian period.

TableSmallFringe.jpg (345074 bytes)
Three-tier horn table.
Purple velvet with fringe.

Exceptional Horn Tables

Herman_Ella_and_Furniture.jpg (46447 bytes)

Among the most remarkable pieces of horn furniture created is this veneered table by Herman Metz of St. Joseph, Misouri, displayed at the 1904 World's Fair. Constructed with more than 60 cattle horns and hundreds of pieces of veneering.
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Friedrich Table 2.jpg (433531 bytes)

The beautiful horn--veneered table by Wenzel Friedrich, San Antonio, Texas. Made in the 1880's. The top is 19x27 inches, having his trademark inlaid ivory star on four sides. When new, this table was priced at $225.
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